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Written, Edited & Directed by
Naveen Karthi

Captured & Produced by
Madhav Kothandaraman

Dr. Anand Paramathma
Janath Janu

Music Director
Ajith Kumar

Production House
Throwdown Media

DISCLAIMER: This short film contains content that may be considered sensual or controversial. Viewer discretion is advised. The intention behind the inclusion of such elements is solely artistic, aiming to explore thought-provoking themes and stimulate creative discourse. The film does not endorse or promote any explicit behavior, and any suggestive scenes are presented within the context of the narrative for storytelling purposes. Viewer discretion is strongly advised, and this film is not suitable for minors or individuals who may find such content uncomfortable. The creators of this short film do not assume any responsibility for the interpretation or reactions of the audience. We encourage open-mindedness and constructive dialogue while respecting diverse perspectives. By choosing to watch this film, you acknowledge that you are of legal age and consent to view content that may be perceived as sensual or controversial. If you find the content offensive or inappropriate, please refrain from watching. The creators appreciate your understanding and hope that the film serves its intended purpose of sparking meaningful conversations.

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